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100% made in Afrika





Premium Kikoy


«Maembe relies on local value creation in East Africa»



All our products are made entirely in Kenya. From cotton to manufacturing: Our aim is to create value locally and sustainably. Learn more...


«All workers in the production participate in Maembe company performance with 5 percent of the annual revenue shared among them»

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Social Responsibility

Our products should not only bring joy to you, but also bring satisfaction, pride and benefit to the people that produce them. We are a socially responsible manufacturer and share profits with all workers involved in production. Learn more...

«Maembe is an intercultural project of young people that want to change the world»



Established in the year 2017, Maembe is a project with the vision to promote high quality African textiles around the globe. Our team shares the enthusiasm about colorful African fabrics and products and functional designs. Learn more...

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