Maembe tries to strengthen the traditional African textile industry through the consistent usage of African fabrics*. Currently, all our products are manufactured in Kenya. Because of this we avert long transport distances between different production stages and contribute to regional economic value creation.

  • Our “towel collection” is produced in a suburb of Nairobi in a 40-year-old family business. The company is managed by three brothers and produces woven fabrics of highest quality. Cotton yarns of east African origin are sourced as raw material. The subsequent production which include dying, weaving and stitching takes place within the company.

  • Our “bag collection” is sewed in the workshop of a nonprofit project in Mai Mahiu. The workshop is specialized in the production of bags and accessories. For the bags we use fabrics of Kenyan origin which get complemented with traditional print fabrics from Rwanda.

  • Our “accessories collection” is hand beaded by Masaai women groups in the Ngong hills. The leather used is of Kenyan origin.


*some trims (buttons, zippers) are imported from Asia. In rare supply chain disruptions fabrics of a non-African origin might be used in the production.